To me, cultural background cannot be escaped. Within the past years of working on Jewelry and metalsmithing, my understanding of the cultural identity has been distilling. From the cultural symbols float on the surface, my understanding of Chinese culture goes further. Cultural symbols are widely used in art works and popular culture. Ironically, the situation of traditional culture is like the animal in zoo cages. It’s alive, but without soul.

    Traditional enameling and metalsmithing techniques had charming eras both in Western and Eastern culture. Enamel carries my thinking in the perspective of mixing culture. My work is inspired from everyday life and the rethinking of the tradition legendary stories and texts. I realized the absurd so-called superstitions and mythologies might were real. The real incidents happening around us may look ridiculous. From my work, I hope the viewers to rethink what culture is, where culture inhabits, what the value of traditions is.