Mengnan Qu is very happy that she had the opportunity to start training with a professional artist when she was just 15 years old. This experience makes Mengnan Qu stand out from other artists in her age. Originally, she was trained as a painter, Mengnan Qu developed sharp eyes for expression with vivid colors, an advantage when designing jewelry.

    She is also glad and proud to have grown up in China. Travel experience in China and North America is the most significant to her art. This is evident in her excellent jewellery design. The use of Chinese cultural subject matter provides more depth and resonnance to her art work. The experimental study of materials and the traditional study of Chinese folk crafts are both important to her development.

    Mengnan Qu is always a perceptual person with a sensitive eye and mind. In the art world today, there are many artists with great ideas. There are few like her, though, who have such great patience to achieve complicated skill. She can spend more than one hundred hours on one piece of enamel jewelry work. Meditation-like process brings her to think of the world in silence. Her mixed cultural and educational background provides her a unique outlook on the world. Reconsider the Western society through traditional Chinese culture; rethink the Chinese society by looking from an international perspective.